It’s a famous saying that If you have tasted the sweet called marriage, you are bound to lament and in case you haven’t, still you lament. So, elders say that it’s better to eat and then repent than no eating and regret over it. A wedding is a big affair and includes the gathering of all near and dear ones precisely fifteen days before the final day. Their gathering turns the occasion into a festival of sorts. People come with a variety of wedding gifts and bless the couple for a fun filled life. The wedding gift has a very special place in our society as people will always remember your wedding gift both for good and for bad. Then people also have a lovely way of show off in the wedding places with jewelry and garments. In short, a wedding venue is a wonderful way to peek into the lives of people. To add fun and excitement to the ongoing happiness, you should prepare your wedding gift with utmost care and love.

Check the following suggestions of wedding gifts and buy your gifts way in advance.

Trip to the heavenly honeymoon

Every couple has a dream destination to spend the honeymoon and that’s the most amazing phase of a husband and wife journey to marital bliss. Generally, they look forward to this long awaited break because the hullaballoo of wedding has kept them busy for almost a month and the first two after marriage is also a tiring one as friends and relatives call the newlyweds for various dinner parties and rituals. If you give them a ticket to some island or hill-station for their honeymoon, it would be valued a lot.


Taste of cake to remember forever

For the wedding reception night, you can get the big giant size three tier designer cake with a dancing couple miniature model in the center top adorning the lovely situation. Not only the couple but the guests and relatives would also be taken aback by this wonderful gift of love. When the couple cut the cake, make sure there is a flower shower of red rose petals to wish them a happy married life.


Read the stories through photo album

Get a nice photo album and make it like a story book. Paste photographs in that album picking the best ones from childhood till the wedding arrangement days. You can write some good wishes or some poem in each of the pages. That’s the way to make a simple photo album look impressive. The couple would be surely impressed by the study you did on their life.


If I have to put up quite simplistically, choose a wedding gift that would add the value of nostalgia to the upcoming married life. You just have to run your brain in a creative way and design the wedding gift for the lovely couple.

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