For thousands of years, milk thistle has been used to cure most of the problems associated with liver and gallbladder. Its scientific name is Silybum Marianum and the flavonoid complex that is Silymarin is the active ingredient to cure such problems. Out of the three parts that a Silymarin is made up of, silibinin is the most active ingredient that is used for the induction of such problems. A scientific experiment reveals that milk thistle is not usually associated with side effects and it is absolutely safe to use. Besides liver and gall bladder problems, it is often used to cure certain neural disorders and cardiac problems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Milk Thistles

The extracts of seeds of milk thistles help you a good deal to cure your liver diseases and problems associated to other important organs such as heart and nerves.  Some of the advantages of using this natural remedy are as follows:

  • It supports the health of the liver and often exerts a protective effect on the liver.
  • It has anti-lipid peroxide, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects.
  • Suppresses Adipogenic Markers
  • Supports the functions of the immune system
  • Improves the cholesterol level among the people who have Type 2 diabetes
  • Decreases the blood sugar level
  • Helpful to liver damage that are usually caused by industrial toxins
  • Reduces liver damaging effects caused by chemotherapy
  • Blocks the entry of harmful toxins in the liver
  • Helps during hangover.
  • Has anti-aging effects.
  • Potentially helps in the reduction of possibility of gallstones.
  • Prevents certain internal infection, clogged arteries, central nervous system disorders, bronchitis and jaundice.

However, in this regard, it should be mentioned that the use of milk thistle is also not free from certain disadvantages such as:

  • Sometimes, the intake of milk thistles may cause diarrhoea, stomach discomfort, vomiting or nausea.
  • Some possible drug interactions are also found in this intake.


It should be remembered that under no circumstances the dosage of milk thistle shall excel the limit of 450- 600 mg per day. Since it is not usually associated with side effects, oral intake is fine. You shall find the extracts of milk thistles sold online or in any medical store. Improvement of liver condition can be seen after 8 to 12 weeks of intake of extracts of milk thistles.

It is realized that certain liver problems can lead to severe health hazards. Any problem with the liver should not be kept untreated and it should be taken care of immediately. Milk thistles and its extracts often form a natural and safe home remedy for curing problems in liver in gallbladder. It should be taken under strict modern of the physician and the dosages should not be increased or decreased on the basis of self advice. You can enjoy a good and sound health and that too without any side effects which are associated with drugs with the help of milk thistles.

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