Synthetic steroids are developed initially for medical treatments and have gained its position in the market. As per the above classification, anabolic steroids were used in treating the people with low body mass density and also to the people suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer or AIDS. The anabolic steroids enhance the growth of muscle, focus, and helps in their performance. The behaviors of these anabolic steroids are similar to male sex hormones testosterone. The testosterone is naturally generated in both men and women and mainly found in large amounts in men. Testosterone enhances the growth of muscle and strength. After a heavy workout the muscle always get tear and takes time for muscle healing and re-growth. Use of anabolic steroids fastens the process time for the muscles heal and enhances the re-growth. When the muscles re-grow usually it is larger in size than compared to naturally re-grown muscle.  This makes some athletes to take these anabolic steroids. However, these became illegal to use in the present world because of their severe side effects resulting in damaging the body and increasing the death risk. Corticosteroids work different. They do not enhance muscle growth in the body. They are often used to treat skin allergies and also given as pain killers. Both the above types can be taken either orally or injected to the muscles thru injections. Corticosteroids are legally used by the prescription of a physician. Birth control pills are one example of legal physician prescribed steroid, often taken by women. Check out the best place to buy them here.

Where to hunt naturally for these?

Steroids can also be obtained naturally than consuming the synthetic anabolic steroids. The natural way of enhancing the anabolic steroids within the body is by taking healthy food rich in source of these anabolic steroids. The following foods are considered to be anabolic are oats, eggs, green vegetables, nuts, almonds, olives, coconut, quinoa, beans, milk, and many more. Taking these foods in regular daily diet helps in boosting the hormone levels. It is a natural supplement to the anabolic steroids. It is believed from ancient times that consuming raw eggs with milk every day after work out increase in regaining the muscles faster and healthier. Then why to use synthetic steroids? This natural method is not only healthier but also cheaper. Beans are rich source of proteins. Surveys recommend including beans in every day meal as these boost the levels of testosterone. Researchers also say that having everyday proper sleep, less stress, consuming less alcohol helps in boosting natural production of steroids in the body. Taking food rich in zinc such as sea foods, oysters are also natural hormone boosters. Doing regular exercise and losing excess body fat will help in increasing the levels of testosterone as the fats developed under the skin enhances the estrogen levels decreasing the male hormones in males.

The natural steroids only have benefits than dangerous side effects compared to artificial steroids.  It also reminds the phrase “eat green, be healthy”.

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