It needs no telling that the college football bowl season has been living up to its name so far – fun-filled, unpredictable and no less interesting. For these reasons, fans and enthusiasts are more and more excited with the games that each passing day brings.

Even though we know whom the final showdown will involve already, there is no less fun around the approaching games that lead up to the final piece. However, some fans have not been getting the games – or have been subject to one viewing setback or the other.

Good news for you – we have set up this post to combat those problems.

Possible College Football Viewing Problems

We already know that college football wasn’t created for other markets besides the US. That being said, even those within the US are not bereft of these issues. In fact, these viewers might be the ones at a bigger disadvantage.

You would think so too if you considered the game blackouts that occur around the games. Even if you paid for the most premium plan that cable TV had to offer, they would still deprive you of seeing a match whenever it is supposed to play in your locale/ region.

In the same vein, you still have to deal with the exorbitant cost of cable. It gets even more frustrating to keep the cord on when the only thing you’re getting from it is sports.

Leaving those in the US markets for a while, the first statement we made under this heading holds true. What that means is that you can’t watch the college football game if you were outside the US.

This web holds US residents travelling outside of the States at the time of the games and those naturally living in other countries, but would still love to watch some college football.

How do you fix this?

It might look like all of these problems are not going anywhere anytime soon, but that’s only if you don’t do anything about them. With a VPN, though, you can stream your college football content from anywhere in the world and not have to worry about game blackouts.

For those outside the US, the VPN will help you assume an IP address like that of the US. This automatically puts you under the blanket of those qualified to get the games, opening up college football to you.

Since you can’t use cable TV like those in the States, the suitable alternative would be one of the supported streaming platforms out there.

If you are in the US, these streaming platforms will also help you beat the price of cable. For a meagre sum per month, you still get the same channels to watch your games. This time, you also get the convenience of seeing the games from anywhere.

However, what you don’t get is freedom from the blackouts.

You can also combine your streaming platform with a VPN to beat this problem. Since blackouts are imposed in local regions where a match is supposed to be played, you just need to connect to a server location outside of there, and you are good to go.

Picking the Right VPN

So as to enjoy the benefits that we have stated above, you should get a VPN that comes with multiple server locations in the US. That’s the only way you get to connect to different paces and avoid game blackouts.

Furthermore, ensure the VPN of choice has been optimized for speed, and has unlimited bandwidth to call its own.

Although this is not sporting related, it would be poor to choose a VPN that doesn’t have a tight security protocol in place. Afterall, these pieces of software are supposed to protect your internet data, among other things.

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