Treatment under testosterone medicines has a lot of benefits. The manufacturing process of this medicine is formulated with the finest herbs and other nutrients that help to stimulate the production of the male hormone in the body. Increased level of testosterone level helps you pack on more lean muscle and can cause decreased body fat. A gradual decline in testosterone hormone in the human body results in being unable to process abdominal fat properly. A hormone which is called lipoprotein lipase or LPL helps the breakdown of the fat into usable nutrients required for energy. The major problem is when there is a decrease in T level, the hormone LPL increases its activity resulting in fat breakdown which is stored in the body cells rather than using them for energy. This process of fat breakdown happens in two areas of the body; the abdominal area especially the adipose tissue and in the muscles. Therefore the fat remains in the body for later usage resulting in higher stored triglycerides.

Other factors of low “T”s

Weight gain is equal to low T level. This is inevitable when men grow older. Men accumulate a lot of fat in their body when this hormone begins to reduce. Like many other hormones testosterone also targets different tissues in the body. It maintains the balance of glucose, fat, and insulin in the body. It also stimulates the insulin sensitivity when they start to fall. Men who are running low on this hormone have a high risk of developing insulin resistance comparing to those who have a high level of T. Insulin resistance firmly attached with gain. Whenever a person develops fat, insulin resistance is bound to happen. Moreover, inflammation contributes to cancer and obesity. You will notice that a person who is suffering from obesity has numerous health problems related to it. Obesity is the only answer from where all other associated problems are arising. That is why it said to maintain or boost your testosterone level that can cause decreased body fat to stay fit in the future.

Crazy things of “T”s in your body

High level of testosterone holds up your sense of pride and lifts your self-image. Researchers from Wayne State University compared two groups of men challenging to attract women. Theyhave seen that the group of men who have a low level of testosterone didn’t even have a chance to stand. Men with high T level proved to be more assertive controlled the conversation and clicked the best with women. Less amount of T means you are heading to an untimely death. It is linked to diabetes and studies have shown these men have a greater chance of heart attack. Studies have shown that it also helps the ladies too. Women with higher T level reports more positive sexual responses. The cause of the elevated level resulted in having more sex soothingly with achieving more orgasm. It has been found that every human body’s T level peaks every 28 days and even on the weekends. It is when men report having the maximum sex.

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